Vita Urbana | @ Salone Del Mobile, Milan 2011

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Design Temple launched their line of furniture at this years Salone, in Milan. Vita Urbana is a crossroad of extraordinary little ideas and objects for urban living. Sassy and contextual, all objects are inspired by India and its traditions but designed for global relevance. Namely, the Holy Book Shelf, Banana Leaf table, Bed of Roses and the Paisley Lounger.

Holy Book Shelf. Knowledge is a form of prayer. With this belief the holy book shelf, re-interprets the form of the single stand for large holy books into a large stand for multiple books. The grid allows for the book shelf to become an asymmetrical composition of different colours, text, widths. etc elevating the humble book shelf to an organic piece of art.

Banana Table. This finds inspiration from a traditional Indian practice of dining on banana leaves. The graceful form of the leaf is renewed here as a wooden table with a black mild steel stem for a stand. The table top and understide, uses diagonally cut veneer to mirror the veins of a banana leaf.

Bed of Roses. Wedding beds in India were traditionally adorned with streams of flowers, along the four posts of a bed, or as a tent. Ours minimizes the concept for everyday use, retaining only two stems of thin stainless steel, with roses on the top, weighed to sway slightly on impact. The bolster back-rest is changeable.

The Paisley Lounger. The Paisley or classic Indian ambi is one of the world's most famous examples of hybrid design. Used in several parts of India for decoration, printing and weaving, the Paisley got its name from a scottish town where mill owners adapted hand woven kashmiri shawls onto mechanical looms. The paisley returns to find relevance as a lounger, conducive to conversations, lounging, canoodling etc.