Peacock Vanity Mirror | @ Wallpaper* Handmade

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Wallpaper* Handmade, an ambitious project from the creators of UK based Wallpaper, commissioned collaborative projects with some of the world's leading designers and their craftsmen.

Wallpaper* took over four floors of the palazzo at the Brioni House in Milan where it showcased the various bespoke creations. Design Temple was one of the two Indian design firms invited to showcase their work.

For the project, Design Temple's creative director Divya Thakur, collaborated with Argentinian illustrator, Leandro Castelao. Building on his especially commisioned illustration of a peacock, she worked with Delhi based craftsmen to create a self standing vanity mirror.

In ancient India, animals were worshipped. And any deity worth his worship had a vahana or vehicle. The peacock is the vehicle of Karthikeya, the God who conquers vices, 6 of which are manifested by the peacock - lust, anger, greed, passion, ego and jealousy. With its luxurious plumage it is the ultimate symbol of vanity.

The usage of the peacock as a vanity mirror is Thakur's decadent tribute to narcissim, Divya began the process with converting the illustration into grey scale, and then making minor modifications to retain the integrity and lightness, of Leandro's original abstract drawing. She then approached the craftsmen, to see how it could be translated into a modern mirror with detailed karigari. Since we did not want one large machine cut mirror, but a more detailed hand crafted finish, the craftsmen made us recreate the entire illustration in blocks or pieces. The back and edges were finished in silver leaf and the stand was created in hand beaten silver. A traditional Indian finish, where thin sheets of silver are cut, and stuck onto lacquer, and then beaten.

Look out for Wallpaper August issue to see the entire collection of these one-off designs, their production and presentation at this year's Salone del Mobile.